Colours confused with neutrals (Hex values)

This table holds a subset of the standard 216 colour web palette where the hues as seen by protanopes and deuteranopes tend to be confused with neutrals.* [Note that it is not corrected for the loss of luminence experienced by protanopes at the longer wavelengths.] See the same list with Decimal values here.

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NOTE: The point at which the perceived colours cross from blue to yellow varies slightly in the two palettes, and hence a colour may seem neutral for one palette, while being clearly tending towards blue or yellow for the other palette.

Normal Protanopia Deuteranopia
#ffffff   fffafa   ffe8ef  
ffcccc   ded8d2   f1d2cb  
ff9999   bdb6a8   d2b095  
ff3366   8f8c8b   a7875c  
ff0066   888892   a2835b  
cccccc   cfcbcb   dec6cd  
cc9999   aaa5a0   baa198  
cc3366   707387   856f5f  
cc0066   646d90   7e6a5e  
ccffff   f8f4f8   ffeafd  
99ffff   efecf4   f4e4ff  
99cccc   c4c1c6   cebdcf  
999999   9b9899   a6949a  
996666   78746d   847064  
993366   505b80   625961  
990066   39538f   57535f  
66ffff   eae7f0   ebdfff  
66cccc   bdbbc1   c3b7d1  
669999   918f93   978c9c  
666666   686666   6f6367  
33ffff   e7e5ef   e7ddff  
33cccc   b9b7bf   bdb4d1  
339999   8c8a90   8f879d  
336666   5e5d61   615b68  
333333   343333   373133  
00ffff   e6e4ee   e6dcff  
00cccc   b8b6bf   bbb3d1  
009999   8a898f   8d869d  
006666   5c5b5f   5e5a69  
003333   2e2e30   2f2d34  
000000   000000   000000