16 Myers-Briggs Type descriptions

This information was written/compiled by Sandra Krebs Hirsh and Jean Kummerow. It used to be hosted on Geocities, but that has now closed down and I’ve ‘rescued’ it from a web archive sometime around 2009. I’ve always found this a very useful reference, hopefully others will continue to do so as well.

Idealists Rationals Guardians Artisans
ENFJ – Sage ENTJ – Leader ESTJ – Enforcer ESTP – Adventurer
ENFP – Visionary ENTP – Innovator ESFJ – Helper ESFP – Joker
INFJ – Mystic INTJ – Free-Thinker ISTJ – Reliant ISTP – Realist
INFP – Dreamer INTP – Wizard ISFJ – Nurturer ISFP – Aesthete