Photo by Krizjohn Rosales from Pexels It’s got me thinking. Thinking some more I should say. But there’s such a lot to think about, I thought getting it down would help me process things. Maybe others are asking similar questions, this might help you too – or you might help me. Perhaps I can get discussion started.

Plastic has been in the news a lot of late. Choking the seas and the creatures in them, overflowing landfill sites and being washed down rivers. With us forever. We look for someone else to blame, but we’re all implicated. And really, plastic is just the tip of the huge iceberg.

I think I have a fairly normal life in a normal home and an ordinary town. I’ve learned enough from my decades to know that (at least for me) radical overnight changes are unlikely to stick. So I’m also wondering about what’s practical now, or later. What’s practical for me might not be for you. Of course you might think I’m being very half hearted about it all, given the enormity of all the environmental issues around us. But this is a start from where I am, who I am.

Not that I’m looking for something else to do! My life is slightly over full, with things that matter to me and which I’m always juggling to get more comfortably arranged. Plus the usual concerns for wellness and being in reasonable shape for later life. Any of the things I do could be an all consuming passion for some people, but I prefer my ‘braided’ approach to life.

So what’s to do? Well, that’s what I’m wondering, and what I am going to think aloud about.

Will I have Comments on? Probably at first, we’ll see how it goes, how long it takes the trolls to appear. Friends can comment in Facebook of course.

How often? No real plan, just when I get a chance, in an ad-hoc way (like the rest of my life) until I feel I’ve explored as far as I can or want, or else priorities shift (voluntarily or otherwise) and it falls off the edge of what fits into my particular boundaries of time, sanity and well-being.

>Watch this space!