Why should I change my routine,
the life that I enjoy?
Why should I share a lift to work,
or skip Algarve this year?

I want summer clothes in winter,
my gadgets on all night.
If I want green beans in April,
who are you to point?

The children must have lots of toys,
it’s Christmas after all.
So what they’re from far, far East –
it’s their fault they’re using coal.

All my clothing should be cheap –
we’ve paid too much for years.
Who cares how poor the makers are,
how young, or far from here?

I like my life the way it is –
worked hard to get this far.
I deserve what I’ve acquired –
why should I change things now?

I’m just one person, after all –
what difference can I make?



Christine Rigden
November 2009