I feel your pain
and long to touch the hurt
and make it melt away.
Yes, I know
that I can’t really see
the breadth
and depth
of this dark valley you’re in.
I can’t truly know
just how sharp the knife is
in your soul –
for it is you in it’s path,
not me.
But I have known other valleys,
and in my heart
still bear knife-wound scars.
Even so,
I would walk your road
and take your pain
if I could.
I cannot,
And yet, perhaps
in some way
I can be a hand to hold
in the darkness.
In some way, try to blunt
the sharpness of pain.
But if not –
it may help a little,
just to know I care


© Christine Rigden 1989
Also published as frontspiece in Listening to Others, by Joyce Hugget, Hodder Christian Paperbacks, 1988