2 oz butter or marg
6 oz icing sugar (plus ½ oz cocoa if you want chocolate icing)
milk and/or cream to mix
½ tsp vanilla essence
(1 oz coconut or chopped nuts)

With a fork, cut butter into the sugar, as one would for pastry, until the mixture is like fine crumbs. (If softened, you can use the mixer for this step.)

Pour in a little milk or cream, and beat until light and fluffy, adding more liquid a tiny bit at a time as required, and the vanilla. Add nuts or coconut, if used, and beat into the icing. A good, general-purpose icing, not too heavy or cloying.

For chocolate icing, ½ oz of cocoa to the sugar and sieve together.

This icing is used for the moist Chocolate Cake and is just about the right amount to cover it well.